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“Papa” Assane M’Baye

Assane  is from Senegal (West Africa).  He is from a family of musicians.   He is known for his skill and speed on the djembe but he is equally adept at doundon, sabar, djun djun, sangba,  and kenkeni amongst others.  He is a powerful vocalist.  Currently  he can be found in Cleveland  Ohio, where he works with the PASSPORT PROJECT (http://passportproject.org/contact.php )

 Assane recently recorded an album of Senegalese music.  It was recorded in Dakar Senegal and features his electrifying djembe sound along with soulful vocals from Assane along with his mother and grandmother.  The Album is dedicated and named for his grandmother ; “MAME MICHELLE LAM".  The album just sings with Assane’s joy and love of music….highly recommended.

Currently the CD is only available from Assane; contact him at 216-224-4313 or thur the Passport Project or by email at tanya-robinson@sbcglobal.net  . 

There will be a CD release party on July 23rd at 8PM at the Passport Project, 12801 Buckeye Road, Cleveland, OH 44120 (Phone: 216.721.1055)
e-mail: info@passportproject.org

 Papa Assane M'Baye is a native of Dakar, Senegal and comes from a long line of Griot and storytellers. Assane is a former member of the National Ballet of Senegal and has traveled to Spain where he spent five years teaching and performing sabar and djembe drumming. Assane has conducted dance and drum workshops in San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, New York City, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Baltimore...to name a few.

  Assane is available for private drumming lessons, group workshop for children and/or adults, professional performances, repair of djembe and sabar drums, and sale of drums and drum skins.

God has blessed Assane with the gift of music. Assane passes God's blessing on to us.