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Paul DiFranco


Paul has been leading drum circles since 1995 for both public and private groups. His drum circles feature a cross section of songs and rhythms from across the world. Paul emphasizes both the healing and spiritual aspects of drumming, music and sound. He also instructs group classes called The FUN-damentals of hand drumming.

Paul has traveled to New York, Indiana, Michigan, and Connecticut to take classes with some of the leading US drum teachers so that he can bring back what he has learned to you today. He has also performed with Kent States' African Drum Ensemble.

For the past 5 years, Paul has been the drum facilitator at the annual Sand, Sea and Spirit, a health and energy awareness retreat, in Gulf Shores Alabama.

An upcoming event is a weekend retreat in southern Ohio's Hocking Hills called "Unlocking the Primal Heartbeat" which he co-created with a friend and will include lots of drumming!

His current public offerings are at The Yoga Place in North Canton.

Unlocking the Primal Heartbeat

Program Description

In this weekend you will connect with the primal heartbeat that lies deep within us all. The same connection that in earlier days came more naturally. When we were more in touch with nature and we flowed with our instincts and intuition. You will hear your heartís song, its deepest desires for you and experience its treasures.

Through drumming, chanting, toning, meditations, and movement we will build a safe and supportive community spirit. Together will work to create support and connectivity through exercises and discussion. Each of us will take our individual journeys into our heart at comfortable level in order to release and clear, and also to regain its openness and wisdom. After the workshop we hope you continue to use the techniques presented.

"May your heart be open and its wisdom guide you" . . . Doe Hart and Paul DiFranco

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