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Senior Drumming

Age is not a restriction to drumming………………

and most physical challenges can be circumvented:

>>>Drums are placed near seats or wheel chairs

>>>Everyone gets a drum stick (mallet style) which is easy to hold

striking the drum with your hands is optional

>>>Shakers and bells and tambourines for those unable to use a drum


Have no expectations to "sound" like a song

Keep a strong simple beat that can be followed by those who are able

The pulse of your own drum provides the orientation for the group

One or two people drumming while another person engages the individuals

Or play a tape or CD of a song to drum along with

Give personal attention to participants, with lots of praise,


Talk with the group after a song to elicit feelings

Make suggestions, tell the group how drum song makes you feel


Drum along to any old popular song being played on a stereo

Ask about memories

Make a joke

Smile Be patient Enjoy the moments

You’ll be surprised at the response(s)


Home Photos Seniors StreetBeat Calendar Links Paul Difranco