Dear Friends,

The life of one of our brothers in music was cut short on Tuesday December 20th.  Mitete Nzubamunu was a gifted musician whose life was ended tragically through violence while trying to earn a few extra dollars to support his family.

Throught his life, Pastor Mitete reached out to all people through his music, faith and teaching.  He composed and performed music about peace, love and brotherhood among all peoples.

While in the City of Pittsburgh, Pastor Mitete was a wonderful Minister, artist and musician who performed his spiritual music to lift the lives of so many.  He played the guitar and drums with various musical groups from Congo and here in Pittsburgh with UMOJA African Arts Company, the Pitt African and Drum Dance Ensemble and Afrika Yetu, Inc. 

Pastor Mitete Nzubamunu was born on November 29, 1953 in Mushia in the Democratic Republic of Congo formerly Zaire in Africa. His father Mr. Nzubamunu was a military officer in the army, as a result, Pastor Mitete was given an opportunity to travel around the Country at a very young age, where he got involved with the music ministry and youth choir in Kokolo military Camp in Kinshasa. While in Kokolo Military Camp he joined Group de La Croix, one of the legendary choirs of Congo which became Group Evangelical, whose members moved from Camp to the area within the City of Kinshasa in 1976 to form Le Groupe Reveilles, a group which later turned many of it's members into Pastors (ministers). 

Pastor Mitete Nzubamunu also attended Pentecostal seminaries with various American missions in Congo including La Borne with Pastor Jacques Vernon.  In 1983 he formed his own church “Eglise de Jerusalem”, which later in 1989 was joined with the Assemblies of God.

Pastor Mitete and other Ministers in Kinshasa later joined together to form the EPRC (Eglise Pentencotist et de Reveille du Chirst au Congo).  Pastor Mitete later joined the Full Gospel Association of Business People an organization which facilitated his travel to the United States of America in 1996.  After visiting and sharing his dream with Rev. Lorran Mann, he then become a full-time member of the Pentecostal Church of God in Christ were he was ordained to become one of the ministers working with Rev. Mann.

In 2005 he was ordain Bishop of Pentecostal Church of God in Christ of Congo, a duty that he assumed while still in the United States pending the time of consecration to office.  Under this role he was the spiritual leader of about 40 Churches whom he continued to help from America.

Pastor Mitete was also pastoring the African Christian United Fellowship Church in Pittsburgh which was established in 2002.

Pastor Mitete is survived by a wife Menga Nzubamunu and eight children (age range of the children from 9 years to 29 years old), and three grand-children.

Pastor Mitete’s dream was to build a bridge between the African church with the American church.

Viewing will be from 4-8 pm on Tuesday December 27th at White Memorial Chapel Funeral Home in Point Breeze (click here for directions).
Also from 4-8 pm on Wednesday December 28th at the Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ in East Liberty (click here for directions).
Funeral Service at 11:00 am Thursday December 29th at the Pentecostal Temple Church (click here for directions).
January 3, 2006 his Body will be transported to Kinshasa in the Republic of Congo, accompanied by Mr. Elie Kihonia.

I also would like to ask for your help.  As many of the news agencies have reported, Pastor Mitete did not have life insurance.  The costs for his preparation and transportation to Congo along with the cost to accompany his body to Congo are estimated to be $25,000.

We are asking for donations so that we can have Pastor Mitete flown home one last time to be with his family who loved and missed so much.  The Mitete Memorial Fund has been set up at PNC Bank.  Donations can be sent or delivered to any PNC Branch.
Checks may also be sent to Afrika Yetu at the address found at the bottom of this page. Please make checks payable to Afrika Yetu, Inc (Mitete Memorial Fund)

Please help us to let Pastor Mitete travel home this final time.

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