Healing Touch

Gentle Massage  For   Seniors

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Mary K. Griffiths R.N.                                            Licensed  Massage Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher

Foot Reflexologist




A Healing Touch For a Special Time of Life


Massage is a long-practiced healing art, almost as old as mankind itself.  Massage was practiced by cave dwellers, ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, and Romans.  Today, people can remain active, vibrant and healthy throughout their lives.  Mature adults are making more informed decisions about their own health and lifestyle: Exercising more, eating better, and living longer.  Massage contributes to a healthy lifestyle as well, helping people maintain a high quality of life.  For many older people, massage will enhance an already positive lifestyle and maintain a healthy body.   However, many seniors are inactive, bored, and depressed.  They may see family or friends infrequently, rarely, or not at all.  Their social interaction is greatly decreased.  Some are confined to their home, a care facility, or bed.  Often, they do not receive the personal attention that is necessary to preserve quality of life.    Massage is wonderful for this stage of life, providing much-needed, gentle caring touch.

Therapeutic Massage can be an important element in the life of the older person.


Massage is Beneficial

Softens hardened muscle tissue, eliminates spasms, relieves “knots” and cramps

Eases pain and discomfort.  Alleviates insomnia and promotes restful sleep

Increases mobility and range of motion.  Prevents muscle atrophy and bedsores in the inactive person.  Enhances muscle coordination, Boosts the immune system, Increases circulation and oxygen supply to the body, Releases endorphins, natural chemicals produced in the body, that reduce pain and promote well being.  Improves body heat distribution.  Relaxes, calms, reassures, nurtures.  Lubricates the skin, Fosters a positive attitude.  Speeds recovery from surgery



About the Sessions

            Sessions last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the particular needs of the client.  Special tables and equipment are used to accommodate all physical conditions.  A brief medical history is taken to identify any pre-existing conditions and to help the therapist customize a treatment plan unique to each client.  A session may include self-care and exercise recommendations along with music therapy and aromatherapy.  Although physicians can and do recommend massage, a doctors’ referral is not necessary.





House and Hospital Calls


Home or hospital or care facility visits may be arranged for the person confined to home of bed rest.  A therapeutic massage is as close as your phone.


A Gift of Health and Healing


 Massage is a wonderful present.  Is there someone You care about in need of a healing touch?

Give them a special, caring gift: a relaxing, Therapeutic massage!

Hint to children and grand children: A gift Certificate for massage is great for the person who says, “I don’t need anything!”


It’s much more original than a box of candy or flowers, it is better for them and lasts a lot longer.


Good For You

Massage is safe and naturally good for you. It is not a luxury or lavish self-indulgence.  Think of it as preventative medicine for your body.  You won’t need any scientific research to tell you that it feels wonderful: 

See for yourself!

 "MK's massage makes me feel BRAND NEW."            Edwina- 85yrs old. with osteoarthritis

"Made me feel more agile and gave me a sense of well-being."   Alvira-82yrs old, former army

                                                                              nurse in WWII                                                       

"Felt light and airy, relaxed and calm."            Jane 68yrs old, rheumatoid arthritis                                                                       

"Loosens me up for my exercise class!"  Mary Elizabeth 70 yrs old, knee replacement, retired


"It's very hard for me to relax, but after                 Dorothy 73 yrs old with migraines

a massage from MK, I feel fully relaxed."