Relax with Rhythm 






Relaxation is an intrinsic response to rhythm.  This three session program will explore a variety of techniques of rhythm and vibrations utilizing a variety of instruments such as drums, bells, and crystal bowls.  Rhythm can reduce stress, energize, sharpen concentration and create a sense of well being. 

During the sessions we’ll use simple rhythms and body movements to release tension, induce relaxation and energize.

          Wear comfortable clothing and a mat or cushions.  Instruments will be provided or bring one of your own.


Treat yourself to the gift of rhythm…you’ll feel better.

Friday September 10th, Friday October 8th, Friday November 5th   7:30pm till 9:00 pm


$20  for all three sessions . ($8 single sessions)

For additional info:Pam Susany, 330-424-7108


Pam Susany LSW, MSed.  / Dan Susany DA